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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Historic Hullinger cabins move to Naples
by Marjorie Goodman
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Uintah County Historic Preservation Board was contacted in October by three sisters: Kim Jones of Ephraim, Debbie Buckendorf of Rock Springs and Carol from Hanna, who wished to donate several historic cabins on land they had inherited some time ago. The buildings are the remains of the Doc Hullinger family homestead.

The land was under contract for sale, and the new owners were anxious to develop the property, possibly bulldozing the cabins. Once the board learned of the situation they were eager to help save the cabins.

Doc Hullinger was one of the earliest, if not the first, physicians to practice medicine in the Uintah Basin and did so, up until a few months of his death in 1926 at age 101. In 1885, he built one of the first schools at his own expense, paying for the school teacher for the first year. 

Doc Hullinger was a prominent figure, helping to settle affairs after the Meeker Massacre in 1879. He was a man who exemplified the best in human nature and contributed greatly to the settling of this area.

Up until October, Doc’s homestead cabin was in doubt because it had been sided and altered over the years. Once the siding was removed an unusual building was revealed underneath. Its historic structure is an outstanding example in both size and quality of the fine log home construction of a Uintah Basin homestead.

Jim and I along with others dismantled and moved the two smaller cabins, but the sisters undertook the expense of moving the larger cabin intact. Lorn Richins and Craig Knight offered to take the cabin and re-locate it to it’s temporary home at Superior Mud Wash in Naples. 

Our dream is to someday find a place for several such historic buildings, perhaps at Western Park or the Buckskin Hills complex. We are asking the community to make their wishes known as to where this cabin and possibly others should go and to help get it done. And, if you have an old cabin that you are about to destroy please let us know by calling 781-1504.

Thursday, November 04, 2004
Hullinger Hollinger Holiger Harlan Liffengren Anderson Hart Lockhart Kaasa

Email Craig@Hullinger.com Web www.Craig.Hullinger.com


Our Hullinger family originated in the small Village of Holvil (Boniswyl), Aargu, Switzerland, located near Zurich. We have visited this community, and found relatives. Since our ancestor left Switzerland in 1736, the connection is distant.

The community is very attractive, with a small castle located at the foot of a lake. A fast flowing stream forms a moat around the castle. The small community is affluent and friendly.

After leaving Switzerland, our people gradually moved west, settling first in Pennsylvania, then Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, and finally homesteading in western South Dakota, south of the Capital of Pierre in Vivian.

Our other family names originated in Monkwearmouth, England (Harlan), and Vik, Seljord, (Kaasa) and Bagn, Norway (Liffengren, Bagn). We have also visited these communities, and met charming relatives and visited historic buildings in our ancestral communities.

You should be able to download our geneology from this page if you need it. If not, I will be glad to send you the geneology by Email.

Contact my father at Clifhull@juno.com - He is the expert.

Hullinger / Hollinger / Holliger / Holiger

Born Died First Last Name Spouse Birth Place / Comments

1425 1504 Henri Holiger Boniswyl, Aargu, SWZ

1446 Heini Holiger Boniswil (Holvil) Switzerland

1472 Hans Holiger 1504 Junghans Holiger
m Margaretha Rebmeyer

1548 1600 Heini Holiger m Barbara Mayer Boniswyl,Aargu, SWZ Burial: Seengen

1591 1643 Heini Holiger m Anna Huber
Aargu, Boniswyl, SWZ

1627 1689 Rudolph Holliger m Anna Hummel

1661 Jacob Holliger m Elisabeth Burger

1701 1779 Hans Jacob Hollinger m Anna Elisabetha Esterli
Immigrated to US 1736

1734 1802 Christian Hollinger m Eva Dorothea Feltz
Born Germany, Captain American Revolution

1757 1839 Daniel Hullinger m Ann Schockey
Lancaster Co, PA, 1st Lt American Revolution

1788 1856 Daniel Jnr Hullinger m Comfort Conway Staunton Trenton, OH

1833 1909 Daniel J Hullinger m Mary Kirk Ohio emigrated from Ohio to south central Iowa by wagon train in 1864

1870 1956 Eli Hullinger m Mary Elizabeth Siddons Leon IA

1893 1970 John Franklin Hullinger m Pearl Josephine Harlan
Leon, Iowa US Army, WW I

1920 Clifford Harlan Hullinger m Louise Liffengren
Vivian, SD 1st Lieutenant, US Army, WW II

1947 Craig Harlan Hullinger m Elizabeth S. Ruyle
Brookings, SD Colonel, US Marine Corps Reserve, Vietnam

1980 Bret Schaller Hullinger Harvey, IL

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