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Wednesday, May 25, 2011
This blog is dedicated to all Hullinger / Hollinger / Holinger / Holiger's

Our family name originated in Canton Aargau, Switzerland. Some of us immigrated to the United States and other parts of the world.

We don't know for sure if we are all related. It is possible that the Hollinger / Hullinger name originated more then once in Europe. But many of us are closely related as shown by DNA testing.

Our Hullinger family originated in the small Village of Holvil (Boniswyl), Aargau, Switzerland, located near Zurich. We have visited this community, and found relatives. Since our ancestor left Switzerland in 1736, the connection is distant.

The community is very attractive, with a small castle located at the foot of a lake. A fast flowing stream forms a moat around the castle. The small community is affluent and friendly.

After leaving Switzerland, our people gradually moved west, settling first in Pennsylvania, then Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, and finally homesteading in western South Dakota, south of the Capital of Pierre in Vivian.

You should be able to download our geneology from this page if you need it. If not, I will be glad to send you the geneology by Email.  Craighullinger@gmail.com

Our Paternal Line of Descent

Hullinger / Hollinger / Holliger / Holiger

Born Died First Last Name Spouse Birth Place / Comments

1425 1504 Henri Holiger Boniswyl, Aargu, SWZ

1446 Heini Holiger Boniswil (Holvil) Switzerland

1472 Hans Holiger 1504 Junghans Holiger
m Margaretha Rebmeyer

1548 1600 Heini Holiger m Barbara Mayer Boniswyl,Aargu, SWZ Burial: Seengen, Switzerland

1591 1643 Heini Holiger m Anna Huber
Aargu, Boniswyl, SWZ

1627 1689 Rudolph Holliger m Anna Hummel

1661 Jacob Holliger m Elisabeth Burger

1701 1779 Hans Jacob Hollinger m Anna Elisabetha Esterli
Immigrated to US 1736

1734 1802 Christian Hollinger m Eva Dorothea Feltz
Born Germany, Captain American Revolution

1757 1839 Daniel Hullinger m Ann Schockey
Lancaster Co, PA; 1st Lt American Revolution

1788 1856 Daniel Jnr Hullinger m Comfort Conway Staunton Trenton, OH

1833 1909 Daniel J Hullinger m Mary Kirk Ohio emigrated from Ohio to south central Iowa by wagon train in 1864

1870 1956 Eli Hullinger m Mary Elizabeth Siddons Leon IA, immigrated from Iowa to Vivian, South Dakota.

1893 1970 John Franklin Hullinger m Pearl Josephine Harlan
Leon, Iowa US Army, WW I

1920 Clifford Harlan Hullinger m Louise Liffengren
Vivian, SD 1st Lieutenant, US Army, WW II

1947 Craig Harlan Hullinger m Elizabeth S. Ruyle
Brookings, SD Colonel, US Marine Corps Reserve, Vietnam

1980 Bret Schaller Hullinger Harvey, IL


This is an American Coat of Arms for the American-Swiss Family of 
Hullinger - Holliger.

The M -1 Rifle represents the weapons used by by our family, including the:

American Revolution
Christian and Daniel Hollinger

Blackhawk War
William Morgan Hart

Civil War
Lewis Harlan and David Lockridge

World War I
John and Harvey Hullinger

World War II
Clifford, Ellis, Alan and Jack Hullinger

Vietnam and the Cold War
Craig Hullinger, Dana and Noel Erickson

The Swiss Halberd was carried by our Swiss ancestors.It also stands for the weapons carried by our ancestors in England, Norway, and Native America.

The silhouette is of Ellis (Red) Hullinger, a real South Dakota cowboy, and represents our pioneer journey from Europe in 1735 west to Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, and South Dakota.

The Dove stands for peace, a preferred alternative to war.

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